August Line Dance Lessons

All Lessons by Champion Dancer and Fabulous 

Instructor Kat Painter Unless Noted Otherwise

2. Baby Why Not Tonight- beg
    Chocolate City Hustle- beg
3.  The Bomp- improver
    Sway- improver
4. Stomp Like What- beg
    Aww Shucks- low int
7. Desperado Wrap- beg couples
    Keep It Simple- (New)- beg
9. Chocolate City Hustle- beg review
    Traveling 4 Corners- beg mixer
10. Sway- improver review
      Rio- beg/int
11. Aww Shucks- low int review
      Move Like That- beg
14. Keep It Simple- (New)- beg review
      Smooth Funk- improver 
16. Traveling 4 Corners- beg mixer review
      Country Bump- beg
17. Rio- beg/int review
      Blow Me A Kiss- beg 
18. Move Like That- beg review
      5 Second Cha- low int
21. Smooth Funk- improver review
      Fastest Girl In Town- beg
23. Country Bump- beg review
      Mr. Lonely- beg
24. - Country 2 Step wksp - 
         6-7pm Turns and Spins
         7-8pm Make Your 2 Step Swing 
         $10 for 1 hour, $15 for both hours 
25. 5 Second Cha- low int review 
       Uno, Dos, Tres- beg/int
28. Fastest Girl In Town- beg review 
       Gun Control- beg
30. Mr. Lonely- beg review 
      Whiskey Bridges- beg
31. Blow Me A Kiss- beg review 
      Blue Note- beg



Stoney's has qualified as one of 20 best Sacramento dance teachers on "Expertise" largely due to Kat Painter's fabulous instruction!   Thank you for 10 years Kat!
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